As you all know, one of the major shared passions that brought Donald and I together is our love of adventure and a desire to not only see the world, but to experience it.  The night we met, our entire conversation revolved around snowboarding, hiking and traveling. Donald was immediately impressed by my adventurous spirit and I by his.  Since then, we have camped, hiked, snowboarded and explored our way around North America on a shoestring budget. While we know our tent and car style of travel isn't for everyone and many probably think we're a little crazy, our journeys together have cemented our bond like no other activity in our lives.


We have backpacked across the United States living out of a tent and a compact car, we did the same traveling across the whole country of Iceland. We have traveled all over Western Canada with nothing but our trusty two man tent, a temperamental camp stove and a desire to explore the world as best friends and partners. 


After the wedding this year, we have planned a trip to kayak off Vancouver Island and will be hiking the Juan de Fuca trail.  We have lived out of my Toyota Corolla on our travels for years and have dreamed of purchasing a camper van to be our home on wheels. Due to completing three degrees between the two of us and starting two small businesses, we do not find ourselves financially able to make that dream come true on our own. As such, in lieu of traditional gifts we will graciously accept contributions towards the purchase of our van and our future travels. We promise that the gift of exploration and travel is the greatest gift we could ever receive.


If you would prefer, in lieu of contribution to this fund please make a charitable donation to any charity for the protection of the environment in our names.

Big Sur California-Shot by Alexis
Kirk Creek-Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park
Santa Cruz California-Trusty Boots
Golden BC-Winter 2015
Numa Creek
Numa Creek
Off on a trip to Fernie
Spray Lakes Campground
Rawson Lake- K-Country
Black Rock Desert 2011
Rawson Lake- K-Country
Burning Man 2011
Wasootch Ridge K-Country
Our 2nd Home
Us in Millenium Park-Chicago 2010
Bixby Bridge
Burstall Pass-Spring 2015
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